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Baked Pretzel with Nutritional Yeast Sauce, Apple Crisp and White Bean/Carrot Stew

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The physiology of angels is such: the great majority of angels have one wing, and this wing is near their hearts. There is only one feather in this wing. Many angels have two-feathered wings. Each feather spins endlessly. Some angels have greater wings, of many feathers, farther and farther away from their hearts, and though no wing can have more than eight spinning feathers in it, an angel may have any number of wings.

Humans were made to contemplate the angels, and to move them about. When humans put the angels of pretzels together with the angels of Nutritional Yeast Sauce, it is then that even God laughs, and shakes his head and says “What a Thursday.”


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01/12/2012 at 3:56 PM

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